Time and Attendance

Our payroll time and attendance solutions dramatically improve productivity, accuracy and reliability of your payroll process. Our time and attendance frees up management time and financial resources for better use in your business. A variety of configuration options are available that can be tailored to match the requirements of your business. When it's time to run payroll, employees’ hours are already automatically loaded in the payroll system.

With our Payroll Time and Attendance solutions, payroll is made easier because you no longer have to gather time sheets, compute the total hours or re-key data into your payroll system. All that is done automatically for you. The time and attendance system makes it virtually impossible to submit inaccurate time data, eliminating the temptation for employees to steal time. Employees use our smart phone apps or time and attendance web portal to allow them to clock in and out electronically anywhere in the country. This system gives employees a simple way to clock time while providing you an accurate account of the time worked. It also allows you to view a large range of reports that can help you keep an eye on your staff’s productivity and the efficiency of your company.

  Mobile Time and Attendance

Here are just some of the features:

  Realtime dashboards and reports.
  Mobile GPS.
  View, edit and approve time.
  Employee Self Service and mobile access.
  Track Breaks and Lunches.
  Clock by Job.
  Automatically E-mail Reports.
  Import Hours from other time systems such as POS.

More Information

  Top Notch Support

  •   Customer support available via phone and email.
  •   Setup of new organization usually within less than 5 business days.
  •   Ongoing training available.
  •   Custom quick start guides and other training material available.
  •   Post sales support teams monitor new organizations for first 45 days.
  •   Live customer support available from 9:00am until 8:00pm EST.
  •   Upgrades/enhancement releases included for customers at no additional costs.
  •   Training, support and setup available in English and Spanish.
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