Risk Management

Reduce Your Risk

American Time and Labor Company assists you in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. The carriers we work with are highly rated with an A+ Standard & Poor’s rating. In addition to their ratings, they provide experienced, trained and knowledgeable underwriters, loss control specialists and claims managers who will evaluate any special risk management needs your business might have and carry out an action plan to minimize your risk, if necessary. Oftentimes, we are also able to provide risk management products in addition to your policy at a reduced rate or sometimes free.

Our workers’ compensation policies include a call center staffed with professional personnel who can take claims, answer questions you have about claims, educate injured workers on their benefits and assist with Return-to-Work and Keep-at-Work Coordination.

Workers’ Compensation

Do you have enough workers’ compensation coverage? Workers’ compensation insurance is essential for any business, regardless of how risky the business is. Inadequate workers’ compensation coverage can be detrimental, especially for a small- or medium-sized business. American Time and Labor Company can help you keep track of the different workers’ compensation codes, as well as offer a cost-effective means of acquiring workers’ compensation insurance. Our risk management policy may require a deposit, and there are incentives for companies with minimal accidents. We offer Pay As You Go schedule for most insurance policies.

Return-to-Work & Keep-at-Work Programs

Studies show the longer workers are away from their jobs, the harder it is to return to their previous duties. A return to work policy is intended to provide a transition period for employees to return to work and eventually become fully productive at their former job. By continually transitioning them to an increased work capacity, you can help control medical costs and keep indemnity expenses as low as possible.

Bringing injured employees back to work at modified light-duty jobs shows employees that your company cares for their health and well-being. All too often, employees who are not brought back to work on light-duty programs are the same employees who feel neglected and unwanted by their worksite employer and will hire an attorney in hopes of being able to secure a large settlement. The benefits of providing light-duty work to injured employees include:
 Improved employee morale.
 Lower average claim costs.
 Improved worksite production versus operating an employee short.
 Increased fraud protection. (If an injured employee is offered a light-duty position that is approved by their treating physician and the employee chooses not to return to work, then the employee no longer receives compensation for missing work.)

Risk Management Compliance

As a comprehensive human capital management company, American Time and Labor Company is an expert in supporting small- and medium-sized businesses with their workforce-related safety and risk management needs. In addition to helping clients maintain a safe work environment, some of the key areas we support include:
 Carrier Onsite Safety Inspections.
 Safety Program Development Assistance.
 Drug-Free Workplace.
 Certificates of Coverage
 Coordinate Safety Training and Certification
 OSHA Assistance

Our service offering consists of the following services:

Business Package Policies

  •  Commercial General Liability
  •  Employment Practices Liability
  •  Professional Liability
  •  Commercial Crime Coverage
  •  Property Insurance
  •  Auto Insurance
  •  Cyber Risk

Life Insurance

  •  Key Executive Life Insurance
  •  Disability Insurance for Executives
  •  Long and Short Term
  •  Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Business Owner’s Insurance

  •  Directors and Officers Liability
  •  Errors and Omission Insurance
  •  Fiduciary Liability
  •  Kidnap and Ransom

Health Insurance

  •  Medical Insurance
  •  Dental Insurance
  •  Vision Insurance
  •  Supplemental Insurance